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Inspirational women – part I

Photo of Meghan Markle: Pinterest / Getty Images

Photo of Meghan Markle: Pinterest / Getty Images

There are so many powerful and inspirational women out there. Women who care. Love. Women who do their best to help other people and give everything they can to make their family feel safe and happy. Women who have found their personal strength. Women who are brave enough to be themselves. No matter what.

I’ve always thought that we women should complement each other and stand next to each other since other women’s success is a victory for all of us. And inspired by all the strong and fascinating women around me (especially by my mom and my sisters), I’d like to introduce to you a series of women I adore.

Today I start with a woman that has had an impact on me: Meghan Markle, the duchess of Sussex, and her classic and comfortable yet chic style.

Even though I’ve always found her interesting, I have to admit that at first, I didn’t think she had a crazy inspirational style. I didn’t really get the vibe her clothes were sending, and I thought that she was just playing secure. And later I was a bit annoyed by her letting go of her career for a guy. But then, all of a sudden, I fell in love with her and her style. Maybe it was the smile on her beautiful face or the way she seems to connect with other people. Or perhaps the reason behind all this is Prince Harry, haha.

But yeah, I think she’s so cool and inspiring. I love kind, caring people and I think that is what she is as well. If you haven’t seen her beauty yet, take for example a look at this article where it is told how she stepped in to hold an umbrella over her husband while he was giving a speech. Those brief moments give us hints of a person’s character, I think.

Still, Meghan Markle is not only giving others her attention, but her time as well: she has worked towards gender equality and been a global ambassador for World Vision which is the world’s largest international children’s charity. And that is so cool, too.

Even though she has given up on her acting career, she is everything but invisible. Her role as a duchess can be seen quite restricted at some points but still, she is powerful and independent as far as I can see. And I am sure she will benefit her role in the British Royal Family so that she can continue helping children and other women in the future.

Now, about her style. Meghan is good with mixing classic pieces with more contemporary ones. She looks great when wearing jeans, but she can really pull off cute dresses and feminine skirts as well. No matter what your personal style is, I’m here to offer you a bit of inspiration how to look like her. If these looks don’t match your personal wardrobe and/or style, you can easily make some changes, such as going for sneakers instead of pumps.

Here are five different looks inspired by her style:

(Collages are made by me but the pictures are not mine.)


Photos: Zara (pumps), H&M (knitwear & skirt), Gant (bag)

Photos: Zara (pumps), H&M (knitwear & skirt), Gant (bag)

This H&M skirt is comfortable yet stylish and the look versatile. So, if you feel like it, you can wear the very same clothes on a date later. If so, change bags and add a little lipstick. Or not.

On a date

Photos: H&M (knitwear & skirt), Zara (pumps & bag), Swarovski (bracelet)

Photos: H&M (knitwear & skirt), Zara (pumps & bag), Swarovski (bracelet)

If you prefer a more relaxed look, go for a great pair of jeans instead of a skirt. If you feel comfortable, you are much more fun to be with. You can also change shirts.

Lunch with friends

Photos: H&M (dress), Zara (heels and blazer), Mango (bag), Swarovski

Photos: H&M (dress), Zara (heels and blazer), Mango (bag), Swarovski

This look is perfect for a lunch or brunch with the best people you know. If you prefer more casual style, take a look at the casual chic look below.

Casual chic

Photos: Zara (blazer & ankle boots), Ralph Lauren (bags), Dyrberg/Kern (earrings), Levi’s (jeans), Hugo Boss (shirt), Swarovski (bracelet)

Photos: Zara (blazer & ankle boots), Ralph Lauren (bags), Dyrberg/Kern (earrings), Levi’s (jeans), Hugo Boss (shirt), Swarovski (bracelet)

This look is my personal favorite. Add a pair of sneakers for a down-to-earth but still gorgeous look.

Party time

Photos: H&M (skirt & knitwear), Zara (heels), Dyrberg/Kern (earrings)

Photos: H&M (skirt & knitwear), Zara (heels), Dyrberg/Kern (earrings)

When it’s time to celebrate (and it is, all the time), pair your favorite skirt with a cozy knitwear for a comfortable, trendy look. And remember to smile since that’s the most precious accessory you can wear.

Hope you enjoyed your time with me. Have a nice weekend!

By Ulrika


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