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Inspirational styles - Collage I

The source of inspiration

The source of inspiration

I love Fall.

Not that I always enjoy walking on the rainy streets with my feet wet but still, the fall definitely has some magic. It makes me dreamy, and I always find myself searching for that perfect fall coat and the leather shoes to die for. Yeah, I know. We all have our weak points, don’t we? ;)

Now, take a deep breath. Close your eyes and picture yourself having clothes that make you feel like you, beautiful, confident and strong. What do you see? Do you see a mix of bold and rich colors or more neutral tones? And what about the materials? Does cotton make you feel good, or do you prefer wool? Or perhaps you are a jeans kind of a girl or boy?

Now let go of that image and form a picture of the usual you in your head. The day-to-day clothes and colors you wear. What do you see now? How do you see yourself? Are you wearing the clothes that make you feel like home?

Do you see yourself laughing, smiling, or then, worrying? Do you feel like that person in front you is confident? Strong? Happy? Or do you get the impression that she’s / he’s not giving her / his best?

What about the colors you wear? Do you only wear certain colors because you are afraid of giving the others the wrong image? Or does your style tell the others about your story, about your personal qualities and strengths? Or something else?

My point is that clothes really can make you feel stronger and more like yourself. They help you in the moments you aren’t sure you know who you are. They tell you to trust in yourself in that important job interview. And they tell the world who you are.

Some people say fashion is superficial. And that people that follow trends are putting their time and energy in things that don’t really matter. Well, I don’t know about that, but I still think that style has many underestimated qualities. Style is not something you change all the time or chase in order to become someone special. Style is something much deeper; it is being you. How can anyone say that it isn’t important? It's all we've got.


One day when I was wandering in a forest nearby I was inspired by the colors and the harmony they had together. I took some pictures and made these collages the minute I got home. I always play with an idea of some fictional people so that I know who I’m trying to find clothes for. Pictures of the clothes are from Zalando.

Here’s the result:


(In case you didn’t know, men’s fashion is my passion.)






Hope you find these inspirational.

Now, go be you. And remember to smile.


By Ulrika

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